I had insomnia for over 20 years . When I was treated by Dallas with acupuncture I was instantly sleeping better. It was a gift for someone like me who depended on sleeping pills.With regular treatment I am happy to say that I did not take a pill for over 8 month. Dallas is very caring and has helped me with other health issues. Her love and passion for her work is great. I highly recommend her. Regina, Sooke BC
I began acupuncture treatments with Dallas over 6 months ago. I have been dealing with asthma throughout the course of my life, and as it had started to get worse I decided to seek treatment options beyond the western medical system. My experience working with Dallas has been nothing but positive, and is by far the most helpful thing I have done for my asthma. After only a few treatments, I began to breathe more freely, and my asthma attacks stopped occurring altogether. With the relief of my symptoms also came decreased anxiety, and a sense of well being i had not experienced for quite sometime. I tried a few acupuncturists before Dallas, but once I began working with her I was happy not seeing anyone else. She is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and extremely easy to talk to. Her caring and relaxed nature make the treatments something I look forward to. The great progress we have made further demonstrates what a great acupuncturist she is. My asthma has greatly improved over the last few months, and I use my inhaler less than I did before. I will definitely continue treatment with Dallas, as I’m positive that my symptoms will only continue to improve. Tasia, Victoria BC
The only acupuncture experience that I had experienced before Dallas was in conjunction with physiotherapy. Since beginning my treatments with Dallas in June 2013, I have presented her with several sports related injuries as well as general health concerns. Over the course of ongoing treatments I have noticed reduced pain and marked improvement to the injured areas. Dallas is always professional and explains any new or different procedure she applies. I am very happy to have discovered her and will continue to utilize her services for continued improvement of my health and well being. Joanne, Port Alberni BC
I am a personal trainer and professional/competitive fitness model. Intense physical training is an enormous part of my life and happiness, and absolutely essential to my career. Recently, I suffered a hip injury and was forced to sit out the World Championship of my sport; an event for which I had been preparing for, for over a year. This injury took me from squatting 135 lbs, to not being able to even lift my knee or walk without pain. Initially I sought massage therapy for my injury, but was referred to Dallas for acupuncture instead. For this I will be eternally grateful! She has helped me isolate my injury, and slowly but surely helped me regain my hip mobility and function. I look forward to every session with Dallas as she is an extremely easy-going, open minded individual who carries herself with absolute professionalism. She is also very attentive, and is always looking for other ways to help me feel my absolute best through acupuncture (as it allows you to treat multiple ailments simultaneously). The treatment itself has completely changed the way I look at injury treatment, and also injury prevention! In my opinion, acupuncture accesses very hard to reach tissues, with absolutely minimal aggravation to the surrounding area. Dallas also applies other techniques to enhance the effectiveness, such as adding electrical pulses to certain points during the treatment, or using cupping-therapy following. With 5 months to go until I start my preparation for Worlds 2016, I have no anxiety about Dallas’ ability to get me back to 100%. I will continue to see her for injury prevention and wellness maintenance long after I am completely healed. Melanie, Langford, BC
I first came to Dallas after suffering with severe back pain for over a month. I had been getting massage therapy for about a month for chronic neck & shoulder pain and debilitating headaches. The massage therapist helped me tremendously. However in between these sessions I injured my back somehow. I continued going, however my back was not improving & by Sep 29 it was at the point that it hurt just to touch my skin. It even hurt when my pants rubbed up against my back. My back also began seizing up very badly landing me in the hospital. At this point the massage therapist referred me to Dallas Nye. There was no way the massage therapist would be able to massage me because of how sensitive my skin was. From my first appointment with Dallas she made humongous strides. After only one visit my back & neck were no longer sensitive to the touch & I could move!! It only took about 3-4 visits for me to feel normal again. Thank you Dallas! You are a life saver. Shannon, Langford, BC